Bus Passes - Memo

Recently there has been questions surrounding bus passes and when a bus pass is required. In simple terms; a bus pass is required anytime a student is being picked up or dropped off at any location different than the one that is recorded as the regular bus stop on the official bus roster. To ensure consistency it is very important that the administration office control the issuing of bus passes, verses individual teachers, this way we will have an accurate accounting of who is an added member to a bus roster in the case of a bus emergency.


There are two (2) types of bus passes:


Alternate Route:

This is where the student is taking a different route and they are provided permission to travel on a different bus (space permitting). In this case, the student will get off the bus at the stop closest to their final destination as requested by the parent / guardian.


Same Route / Alternate Stop:

This is where the student is traveling on their regular route but disembarks the bus at a stop other than their own registered stop. Dropping the student at the alternate location once again requires the student’s parent / guardian permission.


Bus passes are required:

  1.  As they validate the additional students that are traveling on a bus that are not part of the official bus roster; and
  2. They inform our drivers that the individual students have parent / guardian permission to travel and/or get off as documented by the bus pass (civic address is required on all bus passes).