Exam Schedule -- January 2016


For students in grade 9 there will be

  • Exams in January and June;
  • Exams in core subject areas (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies);
  • Maximum total value of exams will not exceed 30%.


 For all subjects in grades 10 - 12:

  • Final exams cover an entire course;
  • Maximum total value of exams will not exceed 30%;
  • Provincial exams, where required will replace school examinations;
  • Some courses (e.g. Career Development 10) may have a “process” exam in place of a final written exam;
  • No credit for a specific course will be given unless a final exam is written. (Excluding exceptional circumstances - i.e. death in family; a serious accident).


Examination Policy: 

1.  Students are to identify any exam conflicts and report them to administration.  The second exam will be rescheduled as soon as possible after the first exam is completed to maintain the integrity of the exam.

2. Assessment accommodations, as indicated on Adaptation forms, will also be arranged during exams.

3.  All exams are to be written in the location that is arranged by the teacher/administration.

4.  Students must write their exams as scheduled, unless:

  • prior arrangements have been made and approved by the principal (including arrangements made because of exam conflicts)
  • a doctor’s note indicating serious illness, is provided
  • a death has occurred in the immediate family

5.  A seating arrangement will be implemented for the writing of exams.

6.  Exams will be scheduled from 8:45 - 11:45am and students may leave as early as 11:00am.  Students must hand in a signed permission form to leave school during exam week.

 7. There are to be no books, book bags, iPods, cell phones, cameras etc., at students’ desks during the writing of exams.  These may be stored at the front of the room at the owner’s risk.

8.  Students who need to use the washroom must raise their hands and obtain permission from the supervisor.  Only one student is permitted to use the washroom at a time.

9.  Any students who are not writing an exam are to report to the cafeteria or other supervised area (as announced) for study.

10.  Absolute silence must be maintained for the entire time allotted for an exam (8:45-11:45am).  Students who are extremely disruptive, or deemed to be cheating on exams, will not receive a grade for that exam.

11.  In the case of final exams, all books must be returned to teachers before marks will be issued.

12. If there is a school closure on an examination day, exams will be held on Exam Make-Up Day. 

13. For further information, please refer to the Strait Regional School Board’s Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Policy as it pertains to exams.